Monday, March 3, 2008

Dessa Byrd Reed, USO Volunteer, Poet

I have known Dessa Byrd Reed, author of THE BUTTERFLY TOUCH and SEVEN BRIDGES, for many years. She is a gifted poet and teacher. She donates her time to the USO at Palm Springs International Airport. In her column "Poetic Living," originally publishing in January 2008 in our local publication The Desert Woman, she has this to say about poetry:

Life itself, with its intense emotions, is poetry ~ just as poetry reflects life. Living poetically is acute awareness ~ how we interpret people, places, and things. It is about originality and creativity. Our daily “routine” can be an adventure poem of imagination and fantasy or it can be a dark poem of drama and lessons learned.

What a profound summation of the poet-warrior's journey. People such as Aaron Gilbert and Lloyd King are certainly acutely aware of life in all its fullness. I adore Dessa's insights and highly recommend her Web site,

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