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Corey Daniels' My Steady Catchphrase

This was a past Web site item in 2006. Cadet Lieutenant Corey Daniels' Web site is a dead link and I can only find his one book of poetry, which you can order from Buy My Steady Catchphrase at

I hope that Cadet Lieutenant Daniels, another contact from the great Carolyn Howard-Johnson, is doing well and is safe wherever he is. Please, Cadet Lieutenant, reply and let us know how you are!

Soldiers Return

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Corey Daniels, US Air Force

Note: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Daniels, referred by PWP friend Carolyn Howard-Johnson (SUPPORT OUR TROOPS), is our first USAF poet! We salute Carolyn and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Daniels for being awesome poets, and offer gratitude to the impressive young man whose poem we reprint with pride! We are also happy to support a fellow PublishAmerica author (Kristin Johnson has been published by PA.)


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For Immediate Release

Author Publishes First Book of Poetry at Only Twenty-Two

"The soldiers stood proud,

their chest out and backs straight,

except for their hearts"

Allentown, PA -- Corey Daniels, a twenty-two year old poet, will release his first book of poetry, My Steady Catchphrase, this fall.

Daniels, a young Air Force veteran, says he is fond of the quote above from the
poem "Soldiers Return" because "people tend to hide on the outside what they truly feel on the inside."

A resident of Allentown since grade school, Daniels' second book of poetry, My
Steady Catchphrase II Broken Confessions
has been submitted to PA and he is
working on a third.

Daniels' poems deal with failure, misunderstanding and gratification, emotions
that touch us all. The military is an important thread as well and he gathers
images from his experience in high school Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corp
(ROTC); and his service with the Air Force. At Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton
Beach, FL.

Publish America, Baltimore, Md., has been serving authors since 1999. Ingram's
chairman John Ingram stated recently, "Having worked with Publish America
throughout its six-year history of steady growth, I am proud to be associated with such a forward thinking company that is bringing the reality of traditional book publishing to many thousands of new authors."

Learn more about Corey Daniels at

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Corey Daniels,
Author of My Steady Catchphrase: Book of Poetry

Soldiers Return

The soldiers stood proud

Their chest out

And backs straight

Except for their hearts

Disserted for years it seemed

Waiting patiently

Incapable to withstand the steady pain

Of the emptiness and lonely emotions

Trying not to show it

Still they stood strong and quiet

Pondering what was next

Questioning their very soul

Knowing for sure they were very confused

Stock-still they remained

Meditating in restraint

The burden of control

Hindered from their leathered hearts

Only to look more disturbed




To whom they waved

Longing to be molded back to society

And thus attempting to forget the past

The killing

The Torture

Wouldn’t be missed

Resentment much too great

And so they stand

Staring into the crowd

As they waved

Saturated in selfless depression

Hardly showing expressions

Not just one soul

But for all

Those who live in the shadows of guilt

Such is a true soldier…

Copyright ©2006 Corey Daniels

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